Menu Observatorio


Tea, mate or coffee with milk with home-made bread, jam and juice.

Tea, mate or coffee with milk

Mate Equipment with hot water.

$ 80

$ 40

$ 70


Gnocchi with sauce


Milanesa with french fries


Corn cannelloni


Tuna & cheese cannelloni


Potato Omelette"Observatorio"
(Smoked with basil)


Picada Observatorio for two
(Salami, cheese, olives, blood sausage and home-made bread)



Cayote Jam with nuts (traditional dessert)

Arrope with fresh cheese




1 1/2 L soda


1 1/2 mineral water


All prices displayed are in local currency pesos (AR$)

Dear visitor: To provide you with the best service possible, request your dinner menu before 20:00 hs due to the Observatorys isolated location, we do our best effort to serve you in the best way possible, than you.

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Tucumán - Argentina

Horarios y Teléfonos
* Administración /Contingentes/Educativo 

Horario: Lunes a Viernes de 9:30 a 13:30 hs. 

*  Reservas Turísticas: Cel 381-4027115

* Área Operativa: cel 381-5249017
Lunes a  Domingo de 09 a 21 hs.