Expedition "Patagonia 2020" fees

Effective until 10/04/2020

Adult:                                        U$S 1.500

Marriage (per person):          U$S 1.400 

Siblings (adult):                      U$S 1.400  

Minors 6 to 12 years old:       U$S 1.150

Five years old or less:             U$S 280                              


Base tariffs:

- Individuals: Triple / quadruple room with Private Bathroom

- Marriages: Private double room with private bathroom


Forms and means of payment (for an individual person):


Cash counted in a single payment: 10% discount.-

4 equal and consecutive monthly payments in February, March, April and May (no surcharge)

8 equal and consecutive monthly payments from February to September 2020 . Conditions consult.


In the case of families or groups of 3 or more people, or other forms of payment, request a quote indicating the ages of each member and family bond.


All of the above by bank transfer / deposit or payment at Rapipago.


Credit Cards: Only for the payment of cash of the Net Tariff (without discount), in the amount of quotas agreed with your card.



Horarios y Teléfonos
* Administración /Contingentes/Educativo 
+54 9 381-6092286        

Lunes a Viernes de 9:30 a 13:30 hs. 

*  Turismo: Cel +54 9 381-4027115       

* Área Operativa: cel +54 9 381-5249017
Lunes a  Domingo de 09 a 21 hs.

E-mail: observatorioampimpa@astrotuc.com.ar

Tucumán - Argentina