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December 12 to 16 - 2020 


Great Solar Eclipse Expedition
"Patagonia Argentina" 2020

Photos from our last expedition...

All photos were taken by our expeditionaries!

Comments received by San Juan Eclipse Expeditionaries in 2019:

.... "I thank everyone for the warm reception in your country. It was my first visit to Argentina and I think it will not be the last. I am delighted with the landscapes and the people. Thanks for everything." Ilka from Brasil.

... "Wonderful enriching experience both from the human and scientific aspect" ..... Marta - Argentina

... "Thank you !!. It was wonderful to share this phenomenon that awakens our most unimaginable sensations" ... Marcela -Argentina

... "Thank you for the beautiful experience for fans like us. We returned to Buenos Aires with a plane full of people who came to see the eclipse." Marcelo y Graciela. Bs As. Argentina.

... Thank you for sharing these wonderful days and experience, and to the people of Ampimpa who thought about giving the possibility to people who are not professionals in the area of ​​living the magic of an Eclipse.

Moments and experiencies you will live...


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